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AB Casting Repair Glue

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Revive your broken or damaged items effortlessly with our dependable AB Casting Repair Glue. Engineered specifically for high-temperature applications, this adhesive provides exceptional strength and durability. Whether you need to mend metal, ceramic, or other materials, our glue forms a reliable bond capable of withstanding temperatures ranging from -60℃ to 150℃.  

Key Features

Exceptional High-Temperature Resistance: Our AB Casting Repair Glue is designed to withstand extreme temperatures from -60℃ to 150℃, making it ideal for applications in hot environments.

Reliable and Durable Bond: This adhesive forms a strong and long-lasting bond, ensuring that your repairs hold up under challenging conditions.

Easy Mixing and Application: Simply mix components A and B in a 1:1 volume ratio, allowing for hassle-free application and ensuring optimal performance.

Versatile Repair Solution: Suitable for fixing casting defects, cracks, and damages in various materials, including metal and ceramic.

Convenient Packaging Options: Choose between the 25ml or 50ml box sizes, providing you with the right amount of adhesive for your specific repair needs.


Temperature Resistance Range: -60℃ to 150℃

Product Specification: 25ml/50ml box

Curing Time: 12 hours

Use Method: Mix A and B components in a 1:1 volume ratio

Package Includes

1 * AB Casting Repair Glue


Complete the coating process within 20 minutes of mixing the glue.

Ensure even mixing of components A and B according to the specified ratio for optimal performance.

The mixture should be uniformly gray and ready for use after thorough blending.


Once opened and used, the adhesive should be used promptly.

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